We want Basketball to be an integral part of educational projects for talented student athletes and the school population in general. At the same time to serve as a model and leader program in this concept of our country and to extend it internationally.

Are you interested in a sports SCHOLARSHIP in the US or belonging to our projects?


Travel Teams

Pennsylvania 2018

New Jersey 2019

Texas 2019

Atlanta 2019

Sports Excellence

Academic excellence

Major Projects

Our program consists of a variety of sports academic development projects.

Excellence Project 

Skills and Intermediate-Advanced Proficiency in English

Elite Boarding Schools & NCAA (IVY League)

Aspiration University

Athletes of a high sports level, Academically average or high ability student with some gaps to improve en route to their goals. We offer the tools to improve your sports academic performance.

Other Projects

Academy or Sports Development Workshops (Basketball)

Mini-camps (two Saturdays per month)

Weekend camp (twice a month)

Summer camps or vacations (Individual work and Team)

Travel Teams: Exhibition- NCAA Showcases (Regional & National)