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Founding President's Message


Throughout my life in sports I have had a single north “Help Our Youth”.

Here you will find all the necessary information and tools that connect you with the Fundación Baloncesto Femenino & Puerto Rico Select Talent, non-profit organizations created in 2017 & 2020 respectively. It is the only existing and pioneering sports academy recruiting program with strong contacts in the United States. We have a network of coaches, alliances with organizations and preparatory institutions (Boarding & Prep Schools) whose purpose is to prepare the members on the way to reaching the next college level, which together we establish a plan according to the profile of each student athlete of both genders en route to excellence.

In www.edubasketballpuertorico.com you will find information about our programs and projects aimed at our student body and guidance to the entire population in general.

Our electronic page and social networks will help us to train all the components on our concept, how to carry out the process, obtain sports scholarships and at the same time create a culture on the subject correctly.

A dream come true. Our commitment to the student-athlete requires us to offer the greatest and best access to information. I invite you to explore it.

Academic Excellence, Sports Excellence, Basketball For Life!

Mr. Héctor Laboy Torres
Founding President

Board of Directors

Sr. Héctor Laboy
Founding President & CEO

Profa. Zuleimarie Sánchez

Sr. Pedro J. Bracero

Sr. Jorge López


We want Basketball to be an integral part of educational projects for talented student athletes and the school population in general. At the same time to serve as a model and leader program in this concept of our country and to extend it internationally.


To have Programs and Projects where we prepare and offer the necessary tools for promotion, exposure, development, support, dissemination and placement to talented student-athletes to achieve their academic sports goals, thus creating a culture of excellence.


Our philosophy as a program is aimed at comprehensive development (Study and Basketball and / or sports) providing opportunities through scholarships where they receive the best preparation and education in high schools (Boarding) and universities (NCAA) in the United States. (Recognized as the highest level and most resourceful system in the world).


Prepare a life plan and route based on each profile.

Create a culture of the student athlete.

Guide, prepare and educate families about the process.

Sports academic consulting program.

Sports development program, promotion, exhibition of excellence for each student athlete.